This is one scenario that is very common for us in remodeling a basement after a flood:

When you call or email us wanting to speak, we will ask about the scope of work to be done. This includes making sure that you are wanting a quality job done to code, without shortcuts. We are a licensed general contractor who provide comfortable, energy efficient spaces, and things like skipping insulation or other shortcuts would not be a good fit with our mission to make you love your home even more than you currently do.

When you meet with one of our project managers we will learn more about how you use the space for basement remodels boulder, and ways that we can help to improve the usability of the space while making it more comfortable. After we learn more about your remodel goals, we will promptly write up a proposal, which often includes many of the items listed below:

  • If your space was flooded so that it reached your electrical outlets or wiring, we require a service call by one of our licensed electricians to see if any wiring and outlets need to be replaced for safety. There is a minimal cost for this inspection to insure the safety of your home. We will also accept a written letter by a local licensed electrician stating that your home is up to code and that everything is safe.
  • We ask you where the water was coming into the home, so that we can help mitigate this if possible. If it was coming in the joint between the floor and the wall or other scenarios, we have strong lower VOC sealants for these spaces. At this time we will also do airsealing with spray foam insulation where possible to reduce the leakage of your basement to increase comfort and reduce your energy bills. If you would benefit from a sump pump (or redoing one that you have but didn’t perform well), we can help with this. If you need a French drain outside, we can design a system, or recommend a landscaper who can help depending on your needs.
  • Drywall: Replace anywhere from the bottom foot or two to the full height of drywall on existing studs. Once we have the drywall up but NOT finished yet, we have a perfect cavity ready for insulation. Advanced insulation technique: We install dense-pack formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation in all the exterior framed walls for the most comfort and energy savings in this space. This process will get the maximum R-value out of the wall by conforming to all the nooks and crannies and getting BEHIND the studs where possible. If you have a floating wall that has space between the floor and the wall to allow for movement of the floor slab built to code, you will often have a gap behind the studs as well, which allows us to get even more insulation behind the studs, reducing air movement in the cavity and reducing “thermal bridging” through the studs. This translates to a more comfortable and efficient space. In some cases our clients have about an 8″ cavity for super insulation that makes the space extremely comfortable in the winter! We do all our insulating in-house, and don’t offer standard fiberglass batt insulation because it is pretty much “window dressing”, meaning that yes it says “R-13″ on the batt, but with air pockets and other install problems it performs poorly. This is the best chance you have for a more efficient space, so we always include the best process in your pricing. No shortcuts here.
  • installed BEFORE carpet but AFTER floating floors like cork, so we plan the whole process in order to improve efficiency and decrease the potential for remodeling delays. Let us know what you are planning on for the floor for a smooth process, and the correct height on the install. We can install paint grade trim for a lower price than stain grade trim because the materials are much cheaper, and on the stain-grade trim we are using best-practices like coping inside corners and other true carpentry techniques as needed for a great finished look. We can also stain trim off-site before install as an option to reduce chemicals in your home. We offer lower VOC finishing options as well.
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We are a Boulder based licensed general contractor who uses only our employees and trusted sub-contractors to get your quality job done in a timely manner. All workers are experts in their respective areas, so you get experience throughout the project and a great finished product. We will work to deliver on the trust you put in us to make your home more comfortable, beautiful, and energy efficient. Let us know how we can help!

Important note about remodeling after a flood:

As a client you should think about your goals for the space and how it could be even better than before. This is the time to make changes,  add an egress window, upgrade the electrical plan, or create a functional storage area. If you are worried about mold or other things, this should be dealt with BEFORE contracting for things to be put back together. Don’t leave any nagging doubts about the safety of your electrical or possible mold in the walls, this will only keep you up at night. Address this upfront with your remediation contractor, and then you have a clean slate for the remodel. This is your home, and we are trying to protect your safety, since it is difficult to change the scope of work once we are on-site, and the remediation of these items would happen by a remediation company, not our drywall expert or master carpenter. We hope this helps you understand our process, and how we help our clients create more comfortable and resource-efficient spaces after the flooding.

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