Crawlspace insulation is one of the most neglected comfort areas in homes. Because people don’t spend much time in the crawlspace, it’s usually out of sight, out of mind. As a result, many crawlspaces are partially insulated and partially vented, which reduces your home’s comfort and performance. The solution is to apply the “best practice” I mention here for about 90% of crawlspaces in Boulder County and bring this space into the thermal envelope, so you can control the temperature of your home.

This means putting down a proper vapor barrier on the floor to control moisture, insulate and properly airseal the walls, and duct the combustion air to any hot water heater or furnace that needs it. Then we do a CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone) test to insure that your furnace and hot water heater are drafting properly and not creating carbon monoxide or other dangerous situations.

Quick Boulder analogy: If you went on a winter hike without warm socks and boots on, you wouldn’t be very comfortable. The crawlspace, like your feet, is where your home connects with the earth; left unimproved, it will suck the energy and comfort out of your home—albeit in a much more subtle way than barefoot hiking in the winter.

Improving your crawlspace is about much more than insulation. Read more about what our crawlspace improvements can do for you.

More info coming soon on the following:

  • Sump pumps
  • Vapor barriers
  • Radon mitigation systems
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