setting up the blower doorEnergy Audits , Are some rooms too hot in the summer—or extra cold in the winter? Now, you can reduce your energy consumption and make your home even more comfortable—while capitalizing on substantial savings. The process starts with a low-cost energy audit.

Eco Handyman credits your payment for the energy audit towards energy upgrades, so the only thing you have to lose is discomfort. Since we perform audits within the Xcel Home Energy Audit Program, you can qualify for many rebates from both the audit itself and the installation completed afterwards—from attic and wall insulation, to airsealing and energy efficient heating, to cooling equipment like furnaces, to hot water heaters and evaporative coolers.

Our experienced auditors don’t give pie-in-the-sky recommendations that are difficult to complete and won’t increase your comfort level. Instead, we provide advice on simple changes you can make yourself—and ideas on more challenging projects we can help you complete to unlock more rebates.

A home energy audit with Eco Handyman—one of the most experienced auditing companies in Colorado—helps you get to know your home better. You’ll learn what steps to take to make your home more comfortable, efficient, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Included in the home energy audit:

  • Visual assessment of insulation levels in your attic, walls and crawlspace or basement.
  • Use of blower door and thermal camera to X-ray your homes walls and attic to see where the hot and cold is coming into your home.
  • Testing your windows and doors for leaks and performance levels. (Often clients who call us for new windows find lots of other more cost effective measures that can be done for less money.)
  • Full analysis of your heating and cooling systems and major appliances.
  • Full CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone) testing of furnace and hot water heater to make sure they are not creating carbon monoxide, and that flue gasses are drafting out of the home safely. This comes free with the audit, and has increased the safety of many of our clients’ homes, because your heating and cooling contractor NEVER does this important test.
  • Development of a customized plan for your comfort, broken down into actionable steps based on your goals, and your budget.
Our estimator can visit your home when the auditor is there—for FREE. The estimator will give you a fixed price proposal for all the upgrades that the auditor may find. Simply let us know your schedule so you can avoid multiple visits and save time and money.

All at Once, or Bit by Bit—We Can help:

Whether you want to complte your efficiency upgrades a bit each year (and spread out the cost) or start and finish everything in a few days in one big “comfort makeover,” Eco Handyman is here to help.  We are among the few companies that can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your home and get you all the available rebates. We will NEVER pressure you into doing work; we want to help our neighbors in Boulder County on whatever timeline is most comfortable to them.

The Elevations Energy Loan:

Lately, many clients have been taking advantage of the Elevations Energy Loan. The program allows homeowners to complete almost all the work listed in an energy audit and pay 0% down before the work. The loan Elevations Credit Union then pays us 100% of the cost after the work is done. Rates start at 2.75% for a two-year loan, which is much lower than available rates at the standard banks because the program is federally subsidized. We are happy to explain more as our clients love the program!

The price for the audit, which has been changing slightly because of evolving requirements from Xcel, currently is $385 (minus a $200 rebate from Xcel), so your out-of-pocket cost is $185. You can apply the $185 towards work with Eco Handyman including insulation, airsealing and much more, so it’s essentially FREE, allowing our installers to further improve your home.

Let us know how we can help with an audit, or email us your current audit to get some pricing on the improvements that will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.Request Service

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