Whole house fans

QC4700If your home already has air conditioning, but you hate to waste energy overnight, when there is free cold Colorado air outside, or you don’t have any cooling system, and you just want to be able to efficiently cool our home overnight, this is the best, most cost effective option. Our whole house fans are both energy efficient, and extremely quiet.The beauty of an extremely quiet, energy efficient whole house fan is that you
can run it all night after the outside temperature has dropped below the inside temperature, and save money and be comfortable without wasting a lot of energy. These fans automatically seal up when they are turned off, so you don’t need to worry about winterizing them, and no cold air will drop down from the grill all winter long like the old style fans. Also, there is zero maintenance, unlike an evaporative cooler or air conditioning.

We install several models of whole house fans to meet your cooling needs. Clients love whole house fans for a few reasons.They allow you to quickly and efficiently get the free outside colder air in the evening into your home, without using much energy. The units we install are so quiet, that you could actually install them in the ceiling of your bedroom! They are a far cry from the large belt-driven fans with the metal louvers that clank when it is windy outside, and allow cold air to drop into your home all winter. Those old units also sound like you are at the airport, and are often too loud to run when you go to sleep, which is exactly when a whole house fan should be running to capture the free cold air outside.

Our whole house fans have sealed and insulated dampers that automatically open when the unit is turned on, and close when the fan is off, so that your home remains sealed and insulated when the unit is not being used. Clients who have a well insulated home, and aren’t worried about the home heating up a bit in the late afternoon can use these fans without any other source of cooling.

Other clients use them in the evening, and run the air conditioning only in the afternoon on the hottest days, saving lots of money on their electrical bill. It is key that your home be closed up in the morning if you’re using the whole house fan on it’s own to cool the home, because you want all the mass in the home to stay cool as it heats up outside the home. The cold mass of the interior will release the cold throughout the day, keeping the home much more comfortable than if you didn’t run the quiet whole house fan all night.

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Evaporative Coolers

Aerocool Pro

Evaporative cooling is a great way to make your home comfortable in the summer, without having to feel “cooped up” in your home with all the windows and doors closed. This system is generally about 4 times more energy efficient than a traditional air conditioner, and you get to have your windows and doors open strategically to let the air flow through your

home. We explain who this is a great fit for, and who should definitely not install an evaporative cooler in their home.

If you love fresh air, and like the idea of a bit of moisture to keep your skin from cracking in the dry Colorado air, then an evaporative cooler or “swamp cooler” is the best choice for you. If someone in your family has severe allergies that are set off when they are outside, or you are worried about having windows open in your home for security reasons, then stick with a traditional air conditioner that will allow you to keep your home closed up, and you can cool and filter the air in the home. If some extra moisture in the air helps your symptoms, then maybe an evaporative cooler is a good fit.

Even if you install a traditional air conditioner, I would highly recommend insulation and airsealing to further tighten up the home, and adding controlled ventilation through an advanced bath fan, or ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) to get some fresh air into the home. This will improve comfort by reducing the cooling load on the air conditioner, and will pay for itself in a few years of energy savings.

If you don’t have severe allergies, then read more about how great evaporative cooling is in our “high desert” front range climate!

Evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers” are about 4 times more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning. You get a fresh stream of air through the home, so you don’t have to worry about closing the door to the back porch right away when you’re having a BBQ. The system needs the airflow.

We customize the brand and size of the unit we install to meet your comfort, budget and energy reduction goals. We offer rooftop installs that power the center of the hall in your home, and then blow the air out through the rooms with open windows. We also install systems that are ducted to each bedroom if you want to be able to have your bedroom door closed when the system is running.

If you have a ranch with a basement we have a nifty way that we can blow the air into the basement, and “cool the home from the bottom up.” This type of install allows us to do a ground-mount system that is easily maintained without having to go up on your roof. It is a also fairly silent, because the air is blowing into a room that you’re rarely in.

There are huge rebates available through Xcel Energy, so you can save money on our install, while helping to reduce “peak demand” on our coal fired energy source. Peak demand for energy in our area is on the hottest days when air conditioners around our area are working as hard as they can to cool our mostly poorly insulated homes and buildings. To the degree you have a well insulated and efficiently cooled home, you’re both staying comfortable, reducing your energy bills and helping the environment.

We offer both units that are easily maintained and have the most efficient motors in the industry. We can offer both multi-speed units, as well as variable speed units that provide exactly how much power you need to cool your home. Our units can test the water quality, and occasionally dump the water so that you get the coolest, cleanest air, but don’t waste more water than necessary in the process.

Beware of inexpensive bids to install these systems. While the technology of evaporative coolers is fairly simple, there are lots of details that need to be covered in the install that you can’t rush. You don’t want leaky flashing, a leaky water pan, or dented system that is off balance. The risk of leaks, like any plumbing, is flooding your home. We also find man systems that leak a lot of their air into the attic, rather than your home. If you invest a little more in a quality install, you should be able to experience years of trouble-free enjoyment from these systems. You don’t want your system installed next to a furnace flue or plumbing vent, because it is both dangerous, and smelly pulling this air into your home.

Let us know how we can help you be more comfortable and save energy this summer. We love clients who plan ahead and have us install these systems before June when it is very hot in the attic. But don’t feel guilty, only about 3% of our clients actually call us for installs in the Winter, and we’re happy to install them whenever you’re ready.

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