Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Are parts of your home red-hot in the summer or freezing in the winter? Now you can boost your comfort level, improve indoor air quality and save money every month.

Insulation and airsealing may be part of what is needed after you do one of our energy audits. We can help make those hot and cold rooms much more comfortable and less drafty while using less energy. Let us know of any comfort issues you have, even if that newer furnace or cooling system didn’t help much in the past. We take an advanced approach to solving your comfort issues that looks at other underlying problems and possible solutions.

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Energy Audit Service

Our advance energy audit starts with listening to your comfort concerns. We listen to you needs first, and then use our blower door and thermal camera to scan your home from top to bottom. Then we know where the leaks are, and where the insulation is either thick or thin, and have the “X-Ray” pictures to show you. We can then put together a road map to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home based on your personal goals. Let us show you how we did this for one of your neighbors in Boulder.

Boulder resident Ryan Van Duzer’s home in Boulder, Colorado was CHILLY! Eco Handyman determined that is was missing insulation in the floor, and re-insulated the floor with cellulose insulation. We can also do this for you if you live in Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Lafayette or Superior Colorado. We cover Denver metro through referral only. Let us warm up your home with insulation and airsealing!

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Attic Insulation

Staying comfortable in both the winter and summer requires a well-insulated attic. We start by airsealing and adding cellulose or fiberglass insulation to your attic. Small attic “knee-walls” and other poorly insulated areas are also addressed to keep warmth in your home on cold winter nights—and heat out on hot summer afternoons in Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette and Longmont
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Wall Insulation

If your home was built in 1970s or before, your walls may be hollow or have minimal insulation. We specialize in re-insulating homes, including drilling small holes under your siding from the outside—or through the drywall from the inside—and “dense-packing” walls with cellulose or formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation. Overhangs or cantilevers can also be drastically improved with a similar process. What’s more, we can help you get huge rebates from Xcel Energy for wall insulation—we do most of the paperwork. Our carpenters and painters can also make it look like it never happened!
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Crawlspace Insulation

By using neglected crawlspaces intelligently, any homeowner can make them an asset rather than a liability. We “condition the crawlspace” to improve the air quality inside your home, warm the floor above in the winter, and reduce the chance of frozen water pipes – all while allowing your furnace to deliver warmer air to the rest of your home in the winter. Using insulation, vapor barriers, radon systems and sump-pumps, we put these spaces to work for you. Turn this space you’d rather not think about into the source of better indoor air quality and comfort in your home.
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Bedroom Over Garage Insulation

Bedrooms and offices above the garage are difficult to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. This is because the thin fiberglass batts installed in the floor above the garage get pulled down, away from the floor, by gravity to create airflow just below the bedroom or office floor. The solution? We dense-pack this cavity to a very high density so that it will not settle away from the floor. This quickly and easily makes the room above more comfortable and usable.
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Basement Insulation

For one reason or another, many people don’t finish their basements. Others have basements that are finished but are uncomfortable because the contractor or homeowner never insulated them effectively. In both cases, we have specialized materials and techniques for reaching your comfort goals in these often-overlooked spaces. We can insulate before the drywallers finish out the walls, or we can re-insulate a totally finished basement, and make it appear like it never happened.
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Replacement Windows

As a homeowner you may have experienced the aggressive sales tactics of one window company or another. We don’t play that game. Instead, we focus on identifying and addressing your goals and budget needs. We offer you several different brand options, and provide a free proposal at no cost or obligation. Even if you’re just curious about costs, give us a call. What’s the benefit of replacement windows? Comfort improvements in the winter and summer, windows that operate more easily, improve the look of your home, and a clear view of the outside with no drafts to name a few benefits.
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Insulated Doors

We install several brands of energy efficient entry doors to meet your style and budget. We can also re-weatherstrip your existing door and install a new door sweep to reduce the air leakage. If you have an historic home, we will generally use our advanced euro-seal kits to cleanly improve the seals. If you have a ranch or home built in the last 60 years, we can give you a fiberglass, foam-filled door that operates smoothly, improves the look of your home, and insulated and properly weatherstripped to improve the comfort of your home.
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Noise Reduction Insulation

Do people in the adjoining rooms in your home ever make too much noise? Maybe your child plays the drums. Or the pipes rattle. Or your neighbor to the side or above plays their music too loud? To reduce noise transfer between floors or through walls, we strategically fill walls or ceilings with insulation to dampen unwanted sounds. They say fences make great neighbors, but well insulated walls and floors make even better neighbors. Call to learn more about how we can help, before you go crazy from the noise!
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While historic homes are beautiful, making them energy-efficient isn’t easy. High-performance low-e windows and fiberglass foam-filled entry doors with clean modern lines may be prohibited by budget or landmark status. Our solution is to install weatherstripping and airsealing to help you make the most of existing doors and windows. We have advanced carpentry tools to allow us to install European high-grade silicone weatherstripping on historic doors, or new “kerf” weatherstripping pictured to the right. Either way, we can meet your budget, and make your home more comfortable with the appropriate weatherstripping for your doors.
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