We are here for your home repairs and upgrades throughout the year. Here is a partial list of projects you can find us doing around Boulder County.
  • Carpentry:
    Exterior and interior door replacement, windows, trim, mantles, cabinets and more.
  • Plumbing:
    Efficient new faucets, low-flow toilets, disposals replaced, and more.
  • Electrical:
    New lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, whole house fans and evaporative coolers for efficient cooling and electrical service upgrades with our licensed master electrician.
  • Drywall:
    Installation, repair, and texturing.
  • Painting:
    Interior, exterior and touch-up, usually in conjunction with our remodels.
  • Decks:
    Building wood or composite decks that will last and last, or repairing your existing for safety and improved looks.
  • Ceramic Tile:
    Bathrooms, kitchens, backsplashes, walls, you name it.
  • Windows:
    Replacement windows expertly installed, or in some cases repairing existing windows. We offer several grades from high-end to rental property grade. We can help explain the differences.
Quick Tip:

Gutters are one of the most important, and overlooked feature that protect your home, and maintain its value. They collect and distribute all the water from your roof, keep your basement or crawlspace drier, and can even water your garden. Make sure to keep your gutters clean and properly attached to your home.

It is ideal that gutter downspouts discharge the water 10 feet from your home, or at least onto a hill that slopes away from the foundation of your home. If the water dumps right by the foundation, or the land slopes back to the home, your gutters are actually working against you by directing the water right where you don’t want it. Protect your home by helping your gutters to do their job according to “best-practice” and reduce the chance of damage to your home.

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