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“We were extremely pleased with Eco Handyman. They responded quickly and did an expert job on a difficult problem. Eco Handyman is on our “A List.” We recommend them whole-heartedly.” – John & Char P.



My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Eco Handyman. We have a 50 year old house and it really needed some TLC. The house was always either too hot or too cold, noisy, and drafty. After visiting with several contractors, it was very clear that Nate, Owner of Eco-HM, was the most knowledgeable. I had a list of things I felt needed to be completed to make the house more comfortable. Nate did a full assessment of the house and recommended insulation and duct work to start. These were actually the least expensive items on the list, which was a relief to us. Nate’s crew arrived a couple weeks later and did an excellent job! They were polite and professional, clean, and very thorough. We were very impressed with the work they did and we immediately noticed the difference in comfort level. Next project……..windows. And we know exactly who is getting that job! Thanks Eco-Handy Man! Looking forward to having you all out again.
Pat L.
The folks at Eco Handyman went beyond the extra mile to help us understand the mounds of confusing paper work to claim our rebates and tax credits. They gave us annotated bills, helped us fill out the appropriate forms, and sort through a labyrinth of regulations and complicated web sites. Without this help, we would probably have missed half the rebate opportunities.
Dave and Jennifer S.
We always had a cold home and high energy bills. Then we had Eco Handyman insulate the attic/garage ceiling/overhangs and seal the crawl space. Now our home feels warmer and more comfortable. I anticipate significantly lower energy bills. The guys were great to work with: The whole crew was professional, and respected our space. Nathaniel is incredibly knowledgeable about all matters regarding energy efficiency. They were so nice, so I actually enjoyed the remodel process and the handyman took care of some electrical problems at the same time.

Beth B.
After Eco Handyman beefed up our wall and ceiling insulation, the house was not only more comfortable (less drafty, warmer, and the temperature more evenly distributed), but also more energy efficient, as our significantly lower energy use shows. The Handyman crew, was prompt, on time, and efficient. They were always courteous, and thoughtful. As so often happens, an unforeseen problem arose for which they accepted full responsibility. The problem was promptly addressed at no additional cost to us. We recommend this firm without hesitation.

Jerry and Susan M.
The whole crew was professional, and respected our space. The handyman even took care of our leaky faucet at the same time. They were so nice, so I actually enjoyed the remodel process. The price we were quoted was the price on the final invoice.

Anne Marie L.
We recently purchased a home in Boulder for our son who is attending CU. So far we have had Eco Handyman install window blinds, wire extra rooms for cable TV, run new circuits for outdoor lighting, and repair some leaky plumbing. They even took some old rusty paint cans from the previous owner out to the “Hard to Recycle Center” for proper disposal. We live in California, but feel good knowing that Eco Handyman can take care of our home maintenance. We look forward to using their services over the upcoming years. When are you opening a branch in the Bay Area?
Janet A.
Thank you very much for your service and for completing the Xcel Rebate form for us – you are very efficient!
Eleanor C.
After the Gulf Oil spill, I wanted to do everything I could afford to save energy. Eco Handyman did more insulation for us, plus we got new windows. Every month we watch our bills to see how much less energy we used compared to last year, and we see good results. Eco Handyman has also done repair work for us and we’ve always been satisfied not just by the quality of the work, but by the people, too. We’ll always call Eco Handyman first.
Theresa C.
I have been using Eco Handyman for several years. I use them for my personal home as well as for my rental properties. Every time I use them they show up on time, are professional and do a great job at a fair price. What more can you ask?

I am about to start an energy saving project at my house, and I doubt I could find anyone more knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy than Eco Handyman.

Marla S.
We were paying high energy bills for years, but still endured a cold house in the winter and a hot house in the summer. We were referred to Eco Handyman by a friend, and we could not have been happier. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly insulation now keeps our house comfortable year round. Nate and his crew were professional and provided excellent service. Our winter energy bills are less than half of what they were last year!!! At this rate, the service will pay for itself in a few years, plus, our carbon footprint is now much smaller. 
Thanks, Eco handyman!

Jeff W.
Upon purchasing our new home we wanted to have the bathroom updated with more modern fixtures and tile. After stumbling across Eco Handyman’s card, my partner and I called Nate. Right away we were happy with the level of service and the quickness of response he provided. Nate sent us Ron, who was able to get in and do our remodel in our timeframe – even with our indecision and the shortness of notice we’d provided to Eco Handyman. When Ron came to look at the bathroom and get an idea of what work we wanted done, he listened closely to what I had to say and what I wished to be done. We gave our key to Nate the day before leaving for a vacation and returned home to find the bathroom done. I’m very, very thrilled with Ron’s work as a whole. He did a fantastic job, the house was as clean as I left it after they finished, and I has happy to see the problem photos he shared to show the work that he did on the sub floor under the bathtub. I have every confidence this will be a great and long lasting job. I look forward to hopefully working with them again on future projects.

Kirsti N.
I had higher than expected electric bills in my all electric home, and my northwest rooms were hard to heat. Eco Handyman working from an Xcel audit, sealed the attic and added insulation to it as well. The crew also replaced the weatherproofing on all the outside doors.

I was most pleased to see my electric bill drop over $30 a month on the coldest days this winter. And, I’m enjoying a much more comfortable home. The work crew was so pleasant to have around and was most careful of my home as they worked. Each individual went “beyond the call of duty” to be helpful. I wished they could become new friends! I will not hesitate to contact Eco Handyman when I need other things done, as I did when my pocket door malfunctioned.

Alice M.
We were extremely pleased with Eco Handyman. They responded quickly and did an expert job on a difficult problem. Eco Handyman is on our “A List.” We recommend them whole-heartedly.
John & Char P.

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