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This is one scenario that is very common for us in remodeling a basement after a flood:

When you call or email us wanting to speak about your basement remodel, we will ask about the scope of work to be done. This includes making sure that you are wanting a quality job done to code, without shortcuts. We are a licensed general contractor who provide comfortable, energy efficient spaces, and things like skipping insulation or other shortcuts would not be a good fit with our mission to make you love your home even more than you currently do.

When you meet with one of our project managers we will learn more about how you use the space, and ways that we can help to improve the usability of the space while making it more comfortable. After we learn more about your remodeling goals, we will promptly write up a proposal, which often includes many of the items listed below:

Home Repair

How do we do so many things well?

We are a team of skilled craftsman with complementary skills. We cross train on the different projects to keep things more fun for our team, and so you get highly skilled craftsman every time, even on your insulation and other dirty jobs. We have made this a priority so that you only have very nice, intelligent and highly skilled local craftsman around your family, and in your home. These are people that you would want to have a cup of coffee and a nice conversation with, not just strangers that you can’t wait to finish the project. We are very proud of every member of our team, and you will see why from start to finish on your project.

So much more than our name suggests!

We are your one-stop-shop for improving and maintaining your home. Our service includes Smart Regs audits, custom energy audits and all the work to make comfort and efficiency a reality, including insulation, airsealing, windows and more. We also do bathroom and kitchen remodels, all the repairs and honey-do lists that you would expect, and the list goes on, just give us a call!

Comfort and energy efficiency upgrade process:

  • Evaluate:
    We start the process with a customized energy audit. If you already have an audit that utilized a blower door and thermal camera, then we can meet with you to help verify the findings, learn more about your comfort concerns, and move on to the next step.
  • Recommend:
    Using the results of the energy audit and personal interview, we recommend a package of solutions, always starting with the solutions that provide the “biggest bang for you buck” in terms of comfort and energy savings, based on YOUR priorities, not ours.
  • Upgrade:
    We focus on this work, and do most of it in-house to control the quality. We are more than just an insulation company, so the person airsealing the trim on your windows is a master carpenter with lots of skill, not just hired labor. We have specialists in each area, so you get quality and attention to detail on every job.
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